About Us

Amid a monumental shift in health consciousness, more people are growing aware of healthier food practices. Despite this, most people are still unknowingly consuming foods with deleterious side effects; courtesy of lies brought in and sponsored by government agencies. 

The primary mission of The Regenaissance is to permeate the mainstream consciousness with the truth via education, apparel, and community. Ushering in the regeneration of our health via an understanding of food production.

The usual recipients of mainstream scrutiny include (but are not limited to):

  • Red Meat
  • Eggs
  • Butter 
  • Raw Dairy


Instead, the “foods” that should be perceived with a negative outlook are: 

  • Ultra-processed garbage 
  • Middle of the grocery store foods
  • Seed oils

If you pay attention to media food and farm coverage, you’ll notice that we are quite often told that cows and agriculture are driving causes of climate change. This is an unfair and quite frankly untrue analysis of the situation. 

This is where regenerative agriculture comes into play, and why it's gaining in well-deserved popularity. Regenerative agriculture walks more in tandem with how nature is intended to operate, rather than against–like conventional pop agriculture. Which in turn provides food that is healthier (or more regenerative) for consumers, animals, and the environment alike. 

As mentioned earlier, there is an increasing shift in the level of health and agriculture awareness, resulting in a return to the way generations before us ate. A world where you personally knew the ranchers and farmers that you brought your food, milk, and whole goods from. A world that is more health, education, and community oriented. This is our way to showcase our motive of bridging that gap.

Why bison?

• Bison regenerate our health–and more importantly–our land

• A forthcoming renaissance of Bison is brewing

• Bison are majestic animals that represent resiliency, just like humans and our innate gift to heal from within

Regenaissance founder's story

A fellow autoimmune and Hashimoto's guy, Ryan Griggs has gone through the journey of finding himself with a broken food system. The founder of The Regenaissance, an apparel company whose mission is to inspire reconnection with food sources and systemic change, shares the devastating sequences of life events, the diagnosis of brother's stage 4 colon cancer and being his caretaker, his passing 3 days before his 33rd birthday, followed with a passing of his mom on the same day Regenaissance was launched, that tore his life apart and left him on the route of rebuilding it and becoming a renaissance man.

He sat down with Brett & Harry from the Meat Mafia Podcast to share the full story.

The Regenaissance was created to encourage you and others to take the following things into deep consideration: 

  • Food and drinks that are actually healthy for you
  • Traverse the gap of knowledge between food production and consumers 
  • Thinking about your health and ways to improve it via diet, exercise, and the outdoors.

Viva La regenaissance